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Dawn and Andy-

In 2018 Dawn was ready for a new adventure and Andy was tired of being retired. So they decided to take Andy's friends offer (the owner of the BIG Bulldog) and open a store in Pennsylvania.

All was good and the store survived Covid and then Dawn was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2021.  She had surgery and has been feeling good, but she decided to take a step back from the store and focus on her health.

She still comes in both stores occasionally, but mostly works from home doing the hiring, bookkeeping, marketing, and coordinates donations to non-profit community partners.

To contact her directly, please email

Founders of Bulldog PA

Bulldog Liquidators PA is a woman-owned, family-operated business.  Our store is an affiliate of Bulldog Liquidators which has an existing network of 9 other stores nationwide.

The first Bulldog was opened in 2007 and has over 30 years of experience in the liquidation/asset management industry.  There are a number of stores in the Southern California area as well as Las Vegas, Indiana, and 2 in Pennsylvania!  (Yes, that's Andy and Dawns' stores!)


(805) 404-4292

Andy Hart

Operations Manager/Owner

Andy is a veteran of the electronics refurbishing industry.  He founded and managed two organizations, Valtron Technologies, Inc. and Digital West Marketing. These companies each employed over 100 people and, combined, posted sales of over $100 million during an 11-year period.


Andy is in charge of store operations as well as coordinating with our suppliers.


Rob Whittaker

General Manager

Rob was at Kmart as a manager for 3 years and knows all things retail.  We feel lucky to have him! 


Rob oversees product, personnel, and marketing for both Mount Pocono and Brodheadsville as our general manager.
(570) 236-6988
(570) 977-4272

Jimmy Capelle

Warehouse Manager, Brodheadsville

Jimmy has a background in landscaping, retail, and the food industry and can be seen doing everything from working the register to managing and organizing the warehouse.  


Jimmy is our "can-do" man. If it needs to be done, Jimmy is the man to do it! 


Darla Santizo

Assistant Manager, Mount Pocono

Darla worked for Walmart for over 15 years in multiple positions, including assistant manager! She is from Massachusetts and has family in the area.  She is a valuable member of our team and we love her!
(570) 730-1244




Lynn Davis

Lynn is our cashier extraordinaire.  She handles the front of the house with ease and an ever-present smile. We love and appreciate Lynn, she does what few others can and handles the register amazingly.

Lynn is a native of the area and is well-known for her 4 years as a cashier at Shoprite. 


Andrew Ryals

Warehousing Associate

Andrew is a student at Pleasant Valley High School and is one of the hardest-working people we have. 


He's enormously polite, always willing to help, and can fix almost anything.  He is an amazing asset to our team.


Trish Fleming

Processing Associate

Trish has been working in the customer service industry for over 15 years. She was raised in Brodheadsville but just moved back after being gone a decade.


You can always find Trish with a smile on her face and ready to assist you with any questions you may have!

BulldogLookingatYou (1).png

Christian Gregor


Coming Soon!


Alyssa Dima

Processing Associate

Alyssa is a psychology student originally from New Jersey. She is outgoing and creative, as well as a team player. She looks forward to interacting with customers, and we're excited to have her on the team!

BulldogLookingatYou (1).png

Antonio Holland

Processing Associate

Coming Soon!

BulldogLookingatYou (1).png

Don Martin

Processing Associate

Coming soon!

Mount Pocono


Jimelle Nickels-Carr

Processing Associate

Meet Jimelle, a dedicated and passionate helper who inspires positive change! Jimelle loves to express herself by singing and dressing up. You'll have to come in and meet her!

IMG_1254 (1).png

Janet Trotman

Processing Associate

Janet has over 10 years in customer service experience and will be bringing those skills to Bulldog! She's been living in Mt. Pocono for over 15 years, and we're lucky we have her now!


Carmen Rosa

Processing Associate

Having more than 25 years of retail experience, Carmen brings her A game to Bulldog to ensure that every customer's shopping experience is one that is pleasant, enjoyable and affordable!

BulldogLookingatYou (1).png

Nikki Warner

Processing Associate

Coming Soon!

BulldogLookingatYou (1).png

Processing Associate

Jim Dingle

Coming soon!

BulldogLookingatYou (1).png

Processing Associate

Janelle Trotman

Coming soon!

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