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Community Involvement

Since 2018, we have given more than $500,000.00 (actual retail value) in donations to the communities that surround or have surrounded our stores.  We love giving, but because our giving was getting a little out of control, we have established some guidelines so we can keep better track of what we are giving to whom.  Sorry, but if we are not in business, we cannot help those around us.  It's the oxygen mask analogy. 

1.  There is one point of contact in our organization for giving.  That is Dawn Ferrante Hart.  If you have not spoken to Dawn (either via email, text, or telephone call) about what you are requesting, we will not be able to support you.  Speaking to Rob, or Andy, or Jimmy or Darla is not part of the procedure.  Please contact Dawn.  

Cell Phone- 610-739-4401


2.  There needs to be a direct exchange of products for a sponsorship level.  For example, if you have a Gold sponsorship that is $250.00, we will give you $250.00 in merchandise for that sponsorship.  If you do not have clear levels of sponsorship and what will be received in return, we cannot work with you.

3.  We do not give cash or write a check for any sponsorship or non-profit effort.  We will exchange a product for a sponsorship level.  (See #2).

4.  Yes, we do gift baskets with enough notice but for these, we need to understand how many people will be attending the event and again, we will determine if it makes sense for us to participate.

5.  When a sponsorship includes social media, we need to understand what socials, and what your following is to best determine if we can participate.  If you are sending a letter requesting a sponsorship, please include your social media information.

6.  After your event, we need to receive a picture (sent via email or texted to Dawn) of our donated merchandise, banner, basket, or logo, wherever it is displayed at your event.  If social media is involved, we need a screenshot of the post where we are mentioned or promoted.

If we do not receive these, we will not work with your organization in the future.

Thank you.

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