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Store Policies

1. Refunds are made to the tender they are received. If you paid cash, your return will be in cash.  If you paid credit, your return will be to the credit/debit card used.

2. Items may be returned that are DEFECTIVE 10 days from the date of purchase WITH A RECEIPT.  Store credit can also be given if the customer so desires.

3.  If you do not like an item and want to return it, you may do so within 10 days of purchase, with the receipt for store credit only.

4.  All furniture sales are final.  Please measure your space before you purchase items.

5. Furniture items must be picked up within 2-3 days of purchase unless other arrangements have been made.  We have VERY LIMITED SPACE and cannot store your items.  If you have not contacted us and made arrangements and we cannot get ahold of you, we will place your items back on the floor for sale!  We realize this sounds harsh, but we REALLY cannot be storage for your purchases. Please do not put us in the situation where we have to do this!

6. Store credit is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

7. All Clothing Sales are FINAL.

Please do not be pissed off at us for any of these policies.  We will work with you if you communicate with us. Don't go to social media and bash us before you try to communicate your needs or frustrations. It doesn't help anyone, and is just mean. Be nice and we will bend over backwards for you. We are in this for the long haul and are dedicated to being good neighbors and good people.

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