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Mission Statement

Bulldog Liquidators PA believes in providing amazing value for incredible prices and contributing to making our customer’s lives better with needed and cool merchandise. We also want to contribute to and make our community stronger.

Core Values

1. Honesty

We don’t keep secrets from or lie to each other. We know that things will always go better when we are honest.  We know no matter how bad it sounds, lying about it will only make it worse.

2. NDE / No Drama Environment

We don’t talk about others behind their backs, we don’t create clique’s, and we don’t gossip.  If we have an issue we deal with it positively, quickly and directly ourselves (preferred) or we bring it to management.

3. ECE / Extraordinary Customer Experience

We provide our customers with over the top customer service.  We do this 3 ways;

  1. We keep our store as clean and tidy as possible. Eat off the floor bathrooms, no dust bunnies or trash on floors, grounds, or parking lot.

  2. We are nicer than any other retail store. We show this by smiling at customers, asking if they need help and assisting them as much as we can. 

  3. We respond to messages, phone, texts, emails, and people waiting in line as fast as humanly possible. We don’t make our customers wait or ring bells for service.

4. Teamwork

We help each other grow and become better employees.  We support each other’s ideas, give credit where it’s due, and hold each other up.  We make sure no one is OVERLY burdened with anything by picking up the slack when we see someone struggling. We also share the burden as equally as possible.  Whatever it is.

5. Communication

We OVER communicate about important things and don’t make assumptions that everyone is in the loop.  If someone already knows the information, they will stop you and say so. On the other hand, we don’t nit-pick about minor shit and complain about the small stuff.

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